Oils or Watercolors??

OMG, 2 posts in one day? I am making up for lost time!

So a lot of you know I am a watercolorist, and have been painting with oils lately. But most of you don’t realize I started out in oils before I picked up the watercolors. I was using oil paints back when I was in middle school, junior high (what do they call it these days?) So why did I go from oils to the h2o’s? Simple, I had a small child in the house and didn’t want her or me, for that matter, exposed to the solvents. That little girl is out of the house and I have found ways around all those lovely chemicals, where it wasn’t so easy then. I plan to continue working in both mediums, as I have found that one teaches me new tricks in the other. Do I have a preference? Naaaa



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2 responses to “Oils or Watercolors??

  1. Leon Greenlee

    Thank you is past due but thank you. Do you ever come to Roswell itself??

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