Painting watercolors in humidity….

Despite the fact that living in Texas you usually have air conditioning, it doesn’t run constantly, and when we get humidity at about 80% you still feel it in the house. How does it affect painting with watercolors? It takes forever for them to dry. Oh, boy! Since I paint most colors separately, I like them to dry before applying the next wash. But not too fast, that’s the key! After all the years of working in this medium I have decided that I do not prefer to use a hair dryer to speed drying time. It would be nice to meet somewhere in the middle. As watercolor paints dry they need to soak into the paper, say what??? As most of you knowledgeable painters know that watercolor paint stays on the surface of paper, but they also stain. It’s the stain I like. If you hit wet paint with a hair dryer, then they dry so fast the staining affect doesn’t take place. The stain helps provide me with the depth I can get. Next week I will discuss paper.



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2 responses to “Painting watercolors in humidity….

  1. Mary Ross Buchholz

    Look forward to hearing more about watercolors!

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