Where to Start with the Watercolors?

Ok, your sketch is transferred, now what? Paint! I know that sounds simple, and sometimes it may not be for some of you, as you try to figure out where to start.
My backgrounds go in first, and in a lot of cases I will need to use masking fluid to block out the subject matter so it doesn’t get tainted from the background. In other words, I can get carried away painting backgrounds and don’t want to worry with whether I splashed a purple where white on the subject needs to be.
A bit on the masking fluid- keep it light! Putting it on too thick or too heavy a line can lift a tiny bit of the watercolor paper off, and that may be a problem down the road. And let it dry before painting around it.
Now back to the background. For me, it doesn’t have to be complete with details except right next to the main subject that has been blocked with masking. You can come back and finish outer details later.
Is the background where you want it? Did you finish most of your details if any, especially next to the masking? Once it is dry, really dry, remove the masking with a rubber pick-up. Tadaaa! Now you can work more on those outer background areas or….. start your subjects.


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