Questioning at the Painting Midpoint

Finally after, transporting myself and horses to Santa Fe, NM for the summer, I am getting back to work!
I wanted to pose a question to those reading this who work as artists. Does anyone else out there hit a wall about halfway thru the artwork?
I have talked about this to countless artists, and seem to get the same response so far from all of them…..yes!
For me, I reach a point in some paintings where the details are not polished yet, about 65-75% thru, and I start wondering what I’ve got going on. It’s only a matter of a day and then it all jives again. So basically, my lesson to myself & others…..push thru it. It’s like a wednesday (hump day) in the work week, once you’re past it, the rest of the week is a breeze.



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3 responses to “Questioning at the Painting Midpoint

  1. Oh, this is typical. I wrote about it in my book several years ago. I call it the adolescent stage of the painting. And then if the ‘teenager’ is really ornery, then I refer to it as pushing through a tough membrane. Sometimes it helps to re-visit my original vision……….asking why did I start painting this painting? Have I strayed from the original vision, etc. Then if there is someone I trust around, I will solicit a discussion. DOn’t you think some artists stop at this stage? I think that is unfortunate.

  2. Tamara,

    Thank you for your offer! Here is the link to my book entitled “Painting My Passion: An Artist’s Journey with the Women of the West.”

    I as not sure how to best get you the link. Again, thanks!


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