A Little Help From Our Friends! …Brushes

Some interesting comments from last weeks post has brought to mind that there are a lot of artists who hit a wall during their creative work. Carol McIntyre has shared her link where you can find even more info on this. http://paintingharmony.com/books .

Having touched on this midway block some artists experience, I’d like to get back to discussing other watercolor aspects. I know this is jumping backwards a bit, but let’s look at brushes. Do you have a favorite brand? I can’t say I do. I have often been frustrated with brush manufacturers, as like fashion, when I wear a brush out (and yes that’s possible), I can’t ever find it again, the style has changed. Sheesh!! I have thru the years even used cosmetic brushes. So as a result, when brush shopping, I don’t even look at brand names at first, I visually look at the bristles, then my hand is touching, touching, touching! But as for my favorite size brush to work with, yes I have a favorite……. #12 flat.



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2 responses to “A Little Help From Our Friends! …Brushes

  1. Hi Tamara;

    Thank you for the link to my book on your blog!

    Ahhhhh, brushes, they can be frustrating. When I worked in w/c, for 14 years, I had a few special favorites and when I went to replace them I discovered had rubbed off the information about brand, size, etc! Now that I am working in water soluble oils, I find it more difficult to find that right feel. I have the added problem, that did not exist with w/c, of the ferrel getting stiff with dried medium if I do not clean them well enough! Then again, by favorite tool has become the palette knife, which is easier to replace and easy to keep clean.

    Your blog post reminds me that i have too brushes in my coffee tin and I need to weed out the bad guys from the good guys. But don’t you hate to throw out a brush?? šŸ™‚ LOL!

    • Hi Carol, throwing out old brushes is not one of my favorite things. I try to save what I can and if nothing else use them for scrubbing techniques. And I, too, use h2oils.

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