Wild Horses & Mustangs

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. So in trying to get back on track I thought I’d post with a story and a painting pic.
I had the privilege of spending several months in New Mexico this past summer, as a few of you know. I took the opportunity to go with a couple different people in search of wild horses… we found them. All in all I saw about 9-10 different bands or herds, with an approximate total head count of around 150. They weren’t all in the same place, and weren’t seen on the same days. We drove through fields, woods, rocky embankments, searched tracks and hiked to see them. And what an amazing experience when you finally set your eyes on them. I have long been an advocate for the preservation of the wild horse/mustang ever since I saw them in BLM auction pens in Belton, Tx. Their faces- scared depressed. BLM managers walking around taking pictures up close with flashes going off in the horses faces. I felt what a way to end up. Not to mention how they were rounded up, or where the ones went that didn’t get adopted. So to see the horses in their homelands, untouched, the way it should be, left me breathless. Yes, I did take a camera along and plan on quite a few paintings of them. I hope in doing this it will bring more attention to the plight of the wild horse & mustang throughout the U.S.
First up is a small oil I did based on a photo taken by a dear friend & writer, T.J.Wierenga, who quite by accident stumbled upon mustangs in her neck of the woods, the Pryor Mountains.Oil on Board


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