Watercolor Papers Updated-

To pick up where I left off on “Rethinking Watercolor Papers,” I have tried one that is cooperating! Lanaquraelle watercolor paper 300 lb hot press is great. It has a nice smooth feel and seems to have minimal freckling-oops, speckling. Don’t get me wrong, there still is some. There’s also some streaking, but I can work with that. I like the drag…the way the paintbrush moves across the paper surface.

I have met some watercolor artists that, believe it or not, don’t get as involved with their paper as yours truly. I take it seriously. When I see colors in my head and want to make sure I transfer that image to the paper, the paper needs to hold up it’s end of the bargain.

I will probably be putting more to the test, but like what I see so far. I’ll post a painting in the future done on this paper, and will make sure to let you folks know.


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