A Skull Found While Trail Riding

This is a little something picked up from this mornings trail ride. I remember watching an interview with Georgia O’Keeffe from years ago. She said when she took walks, she picked up skulls and bones when she couldn’t find any flowers to pick. 



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4 responses to “A Skull Found While Trail Riding

  1. Well for pete’s sake. I’m sure it’s totally obvious but… what the heck is it? An old dog with worn-down teeth? The canines are pretty short. But it looks like it’s got nice molars… huh! I can’t figure it out!

  2. Yep, we’re stumped! It’s across between wolf and canine, eye set is closer to wolf. Then I checked by dog breed, and got a close, not exact match with Great Pyranees dog. It’s a mystery!!!

  3. Well it’s very cool, and as usual, your photograph is perfect! Is it missing the canines entirely? Definitely looks like it had periodontal disease… which is pretty consistent with a wild canine! Mark insists it’s a chupacabra!!!

    I can see this in the corner of one of your pieces at some point… 🙂

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