Changes in Facebook- back to blogging!

Yesterday, after waking to find that Facebook had pulled the cover pic off of my Facebook page, and left me with a pop up “info” sign, I am encouraging folks who want to keep up with my studio news to please subscribe to my blog (sign up on side bar) or newsletter, link here:

What was the pop up? Wish I had made a screen pic of it, but it told me that I couldn’t have text or advertise. The text in the pic, was my copyright over part of my picture, that was it. So please keep up with me, by signing up via blog or newsletter. The blog will put a post in your mailbox only occasionally, the newsletter about once a quarter.

Here’s my Facebook page:, the current cover pic at the top shows another copyright on it- same as previous pic.



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2 responses to “Changes in Facebook- back to blogging!

  1. Cat

    I don’t get it!! FB offers “business pages” yet you are not allowed to advertise???? Thanks for the heads up!!

    • It’s possible that, this may be how they control pages in the future, and they’re testing the waters? They of course, might need that control if they start charging business’ for page use.

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